About me

 I grew up to fulfil my father’s ambition and in the process I discovered my love and passion for education and knowledge. What I really like about me is my passion in giving… I may not be a star today but yes definitely a star in future.

When I was small I always wanted to become a teacher, I natured my passion for teaching for two decades while doing all other things except teaching. I studied Business Management at the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo and studied Law at the Sri Lanka Law College. I practice Law till 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I’m always proud of my time as a Lawyer specially my time as a Legal Associate at Varners (0ne of the few heavens on earth fr me) and certainly was one of the luckiest daughters to pursue a dad’s dream. no that I have finished my Masters in the UK, I strongly believe time is right for me to drive towards what I really wanted to do in life. I’m now grooming myself to do what I always wanted to be in life, a Lecturer.  

I love reading all kinds of books and watching documentaries of ancient history and extraterritorial species. Ancient Egyptian and Roman Kingdoms and Medieval Britain fascinate me and take my imaginations to a different level. I have now kept a further step forward and am now combining my very own short story collection.

I love to love and being loved.


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