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See the Good – Say the Good (via Leadership Freak)

I always try to do good and say good. I believe that this is the simple massage every religion try to pass on to its followers. To see the good of others, hmm I thought that is so inspiring, not just another step to make you good but for great satisfaction of seeing good.

See the Good - Say the Good Your attitude is within your control. It’s not dependent on circumstances or people. Your attitude is your orientation toward life. I’ve decided to take charge of my attitude. By nature I’m negative by choice I’m positive. Read, “The Four to One Rule will Change Your Life,” to learn one of the strategies for managing your attitude. If you took the “4 to 1” challenge you know it makes a difference. A New Attitude Maker: This week I’m adopting a ne … Read More

via Leadership Freak


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Check out my new to read list for July – August 11


How to Grow Leaders: The Seven Key Principles of Effective Leadership Development




The Memory of Love


Moonlight Mile (Kenzie & Gennaro #6)


The Book of Human Skin


Water for Elephants



Fallen (Fallen, #1)

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Read 2011

100 Books Challenge

hi everyone,

I’ll be participating in this event from today onwards. (26th Feb 2011). Up to now I have read five for this year which I’m not going to count for the challenge. But will definitely list them here

a. The Wallet of Nazareth

b. Destiny

c. Tinkers

d. The Maples stories

d. Billy Brown, Ill tell your mother.

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Billy Brown and his adventures

Billy Brown the little hero of the post war Brixton, at his tender age could get anything his neighbours wanted or knew someone he could get them from. Such a cheeky chappy…  started with selling firewood and ended up selling almost all including exotic spiders and horse muck.

I simply love his story and the style he has laid it out and it is clearly a gem and a very refreshing book to all irrespective of age and gender.

Oh my my I cannot stop thinking about the poor Red Indians as well as the running PC Collins after seeing the unexplored 250kg bomb and not to forget the sleeping horse napoleon.  Hilarious

love it and enjoyed it thoroughly… now its your turn… enjoy and happy reading

Billy Brown, I'll Tell Your Mother

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Merlin and Mary Stewart

For sure King Arthur of Camelot was everyone’s favourite for many many years and still he is.  To the contrary, King Arthur was not important for me; I fell in love with Myrddin Emrys who was also known as Merlin, the great and powerful enchanter in the Arthurian legend. I have no idea why I fell in love… For sure Mary Stewart played a huge part I would say.  Being a reader who hated dark stories but love ancient Egyptian and Roman history accidently found a lovely historic novel “The Crystal Cave” few months ago. I was born and bred in Asia where this type of work was not read for English literature.  We read Shakespeare all the time from which half was never understood by us. So, this accident was pleasant in deed.

The dark, misty and damp land scales of Medieval Britain captured my heart and soul and made me restless to know more and more of the ancient and medieval Britain which carries a life full of mysteries.  Stories about kings, queens as well as the enchanters keep me awake at all nights and wonder in the day.

Mary Stewart trilogy allows the readers to identify a sense of the culture and lifestyles of Britain at that time and gives so many details about Merlin. Even though it is a fiction Marry Stewart carries each book of this trilogy with authority and research which I found very fascinating.

For readers who have not had the precious chance of reading in to this trilogy I say now it is time… Happy reading

The Crystal Cave, the Hollow Hills and The Last Enchantment


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Hello world!

anyone who wants to sahre knwoldge on HRM, Law and education management are invited to interact with me.

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