A perfect Wedding gift

I turned my head to the left, trying to get a glimpse out from the bedroom window, back garden busy with a bunch of lovely people, all of them we know, smartly dressed and waiting for me… but I, I was waiting for someone else, someone special, a person and memories of him I always kept safe inside my heart. My eyes started searching again, continuously rolling around in a desperate search for him…. 

What are you doing lily? Can’t you wait a minute until I finish your eye makeup?”

Oh I’m so sorry Sue, hope it’s not ruined”

“You nearly did” she replied with anger.

Sue, my friend for many years is now annoyed with my childish acts.  How on earth could I resist, I slowly turned my eye balls again towards the window and looked in to the garden, I made a wish, oh god make him be here today. Brudec, you can’t do this to me… its all most time.  It’s either now or never, you promised that you will be here for my wedding…. I hope you will keep your promise.

Honey… time for you to come down now, please don’t keep us waiting for long” my mum’s screamed from down stairs.

Ok done, let me have one final look of the prettiest angel of all. Look at you Lily you look gorgeous” 

Common, Sue Now I’ll get pinkie cheeks…” she leaned forward to hug me, my best friend and my maid of honour. “Thanks a lot Sue, I love you” “it’s a pleasure, I love you too darling! She replied.

“GIRLS” mum again. So, we got ready to go down stairs not as we both used to go for tea or dinner hoping and running, but as the Bride and Maid of Honour, came down stairs with pride and style.

I felt like a queen walking in the middle holding mum’s hand tight with full of excitement. I gave a one final look around the people gathered to look for Brudec. I promised myself I will not worry about him anymore; after all he is just a friend of mine. I still have Sue with me so i made up my mind to relax and enjoy my big day. My eyes stopped at Nathan, love of my life, smartly dressed in ivory suit and a gold tie, patiently waiting at the end of the path.

You look gorgeous love, love you loads” he whispered.

I love you too, handsome” I replied.

Everything ran smoothly as we planned, until a strange cold figure appeared from the front of our Garden. We could see the limo parked outside our gate and an old lady standing in the entrance to our back garden staring at me and holding a nicely rapped gift in one hand and a walking stick on the other. She looks so stressed, sad and weary.

 “Who’s that lily?” Nathan asked.

Not anyone I know, let’s ask mum”

Mum, who’s that?” I pointed my finger towards the entrance and asked.

I saw dramatic changes in mum’s face, she looked exactly like seen a ghost, kept on looking at the lady with horror and got up like a shooting arrow towards sky. She then started walking slowly towards the lady while all of us kept watching in silence. Lady stepped forward and hugged her. I could not wait, got up from my seat and walked towards mum. Mum looks so much relived and happy now; she had tears in her eyes and she kept on holding her had with love and respect. I’m clueless, who’s this wealthy woman who came in a chauffeur driven Limo? I have never seen her before; to my knowledge we never had relations.  Mum and dad both are orphans. They never knew their parents or siblings. After dad died, our family was only me and mum, of course now we have a new edition Nathan. Definitely there is no one else.

Honey,” mum spoke softly, I could feel the depth of her voice. Full of emotions she opened her mouth and said,

This is your grandma” she paused. “Grandma” I repeated with million question marks.

Your dad’s mother honey, dad was never an orphan, in fact he was from a wealthy family and has three brothers and two sisters.” She paused, wiped her tears and spoke again.

I am an orphan and your dad wanted me to say you the same about him as well. So I kept my promise.” I felt the world is spinning around me. Luckily Nathan arrived just in time for me to have a strong grip of the things being told to me just now.

Sensing something unusual Nathan took us all in to the house. I’m still in shock. Why a big lie? I could not come in to terms of this lie and the reason of having an extended family. All my childhood, I regretted for not having cousins or siblings.  Dad died when mum was 8 months pregnant with me and she never ever thought of another relationship thereafter. I never saw my dad not even a picture of him, apparently mum promised him not to show me his photographs if something happens to him. According to mum he somehow sensed that he is not going to make the journey with her and prepared her for that removing all pictures and photos of him. He died in an accident from which both of us survived. All these stories came in to my mind in a rocket speed, and inside my brain everything is jamming like a computer screen which is about to crash its operating system.  For all this time except for Sue and Brudec I never had friends. Now suddenly I have a huge extended family and a Grandma.

We all sat in the sofa inside the lounge and took our time to recollect our thought and calm down. Nathan got three of us a drink and then left us and went to the back garden to entertain guests and allow us to have some private time.

After about five minutes Grandma spoke softly, “Angel, you look gorgeous

Thank you” “I…. I…” I hesitated and struggled to put my thoughts in to words. She kissed my hand and said “I know angel I’m wrong, should’ve come lot earlier” Her face dimmed and then she took mums hand and said “I’m so sorry love for making you accountable for Brudecs death”. 

The name struck into my head like a bullet. I was in a great discomfort. She just said “Brudec” .

Who’s Brudec ?” I jumped up from my seat and asked her.

Brudec is your dad’s pet name which was used only by his brothers and sisters; I don’t think your mum even knew about the name”. Mum shook her head and said no. Grandma then opened the little box she had in her hand and gave it to me. It was full of photographs. I took them all out at once checking them impatiently and looking confused.

It was him, my friend Brudec. “This can’t be dad, this is my friend brudec” I was about to burst in to tears. “I know angel, these photographs were taken sometime before he left all of us and married your mum. I had them with me since then.” She paused and wiped out her tears.

He came to me in my dreams last night and said you are getting married and therefore I should take part in your wedding, I swear to you my angel, yesterday was the first time I ever saw him live or in dreams after he left us.”

Mum was bursting in tears and couldn’t stop crying out.  Mum spoke with a lot of effort to control her emotions and then said “I saw him last night too. He said his duty is over and its done, he is ready to go now” with a minute of silent she whispered.

 “Last night He kissed me good bye” tears were pouring down from her eyes I could not help but to take my eyes away.

I sat down without speaking a word. My friend who stayed with  me in my entire childhood and pre adult hood, protecting me from all possible danger and who made me a strong person was in fact my dad’s spirit protecting me keeping the promise he made to mum.

I was speechless.  I wish I see him once again just as my dad and not as my friend.

Now I know why he always met me when no one else was around or at the most corner of the park or made me swear that I will tell no one, not even mum or Sue. He threaten to leave me if I broke this promise. I slowly got used to is and never ever told mum, Sue or Nathan. Dad didn’t want me to get obsessed with talking in to thin air and be a laughing factor for other children.  He didn’t turn up today because he must have known for sure that Im now a big girl and no longer needs his protection.

How much he must have loved his little girl, no one will ever be able to understand. I kissed both mum and grandma, wiped their tears off and took then both in to the garden besides me.


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