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Tinkers by Paul Harding

An amazing journey back of ones life…  I read Tinkers couple of months back but its moments and places are still crystal clear in my head. Tinkers reminded me so much of my paternal grandpa who was also a funny character at his old age very similar to the main character of the book. Sad he is no longer with us, otherwise I would have definitely read this out to him.

It’s all about George Crosby who is coming to the end of his long life. He couldn’t remember any of his grandsons names but remembered every possible detail of his childhood and youth.  As he lies dying, the essence of that life is revealed to us, in particular his relationship with his father Howard, an epileptic patient and a tinker in rural New England in the 1920. A very good read with mixed feelings some very funny and some very emotional.


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Machu or Devanna

Devi, born in Coorg also known as the “Scotland in India” in the 1860s had a strange and a mystic connection with a flock of black herons since her birth. Devanna, Devi’s childhood friend and a wealthy orphan loved to spend his time with Devi. Everyone in Coorg knew about their deep friendship. They grew up together loved each other’s company and were literally inseparable.

And one fine day Devi came across Machu, a tiger killer. Black herons reappeared and everything about Devi, Devanna and their families changed………

Want to know what happened next; read “Tiger Hills” by Sarita Mandanna a complete journey to the beautiful mountains of Coorg during the colonial period and a heart warming love story.

4/5 a good read.

 Tiger Hills


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My trip to Illyria

Forgive me for being absent for some time now. Last two days were hectic, so much to take in from my rollercoaster journey to the City of Illyria. If you haven’t heard of Illyria don’t worry I’m going to give you a brief outline on what I did and where I went.

Illyria was founded by an educated technologic and scientific set of people who believed in reasons rather than in Gods. It is a clean and a very neat city state which protect refugees of all around the world including, America, Britain, Asia, China, Australia, Russia and many more countries who suffered from violent rise of the religion fundamentalists. Apart from being a very clean and neat cosmopolitan city Illyria have them all, Robots… robot domestic servants, robot sliver head police who can kill you by pointing a finger at you and even advance sensual pleasure units ASPUs or in simple terms machines built for sex. The robots were different from what we know today, they (robots) have a living layer of skin and flesh which bleeds when cut and as a result of this living layer of skin it is very hard to distinguish them from humans. And there is this amazing trip you can take in their SenSpace, an electronic dream world. Once you get connected to the wires and shut your real self out you can get in to anywhere of your choice without physically being present at that place. I met George a human and Lucy the Robot there. I travelled with them through the wonderful Illyrian city as well as the dusty, underdeveloped and wild outland which lies beyond the gates of Illyria. After wondering for two days with George and Lucy, my journey finally came to an end from my visit to the monastery where the holy machine gives sermons.

“The Holy Machine” by Chris Beckett, originally published in 2004 but became a huge sell-out when it was re published in 2010. A wonderful journey with mixed experiences, love, hate, emotional, strong and wild too.

Loved the book and its characters, they are destined to stay a long time with me.

***** 5/5 a very good read.   


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Billy Brown and his adventures

Billy Brown the little hero of the post war Brixton, at his tender age could get anything his neighbours wanted or knew someone he could get them from. Such a cheeky chappy…  started with selling firewood and ended up selling almost all including exotic spiders and horse muck.

I simply love his story and the style he has laid it out and it is clearly a gem and a very refreshing book to all irrespective of age and gender.

Oh my my I cannot stop thinking about the poor Red Indians as well as the running PC Collins after seeing the unexplored 250kg bomb and not to forget the sleeping horse napoleon.  Hilarious

love it and enjoyed it thoroughly… now its your turn… enjoy and happy reading

Billy Brown, I'll Tell Your Mother

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My father my no 1 hero

One thing I cherish for my entire life and will always thank god in every second of it is my beloved parents. Forgive me for referring my parents as a thing.  I’ve used it as it allows me to show you and make you all understand my obsession, fascination and mania I have over my parents. They not only gave me life but have given me all in life I now enjoy and all I am yet to enjoy. I cannot separate them at any cost but last night it was all about my dad, before going to bed, throughout my sleep and half way through today it is still about him.. I have just finished a quick call to see how he is doing and to see if he is sneezing too much in last few hours… for sure I made him happy and made him laugh his heart out couple of times during our short conversation but wonder whether I said enough ‘I love you’ and’ thank you’.

He is in on the other end of the planet busy with all his duties and responsibilities as a Deputy Inspector General of the Sri Lankan Police Department. He absolutely adores his job but always and in every way I came first making everything else unimportant to him. His love for me is something which I cannot put in to words, be happy and finish. Being a tough guy in the department he was soft as a cloud when it was and it is about me. He believes in everything I do and stands with all decisions I make in life. For many, 30 years in life is not enough to understand what is parenting like and what difficulties parents face in bringing up their children. But for me my father by action showed everything which fascinate me to this date. Up to this date I’ve never ever had a hard life, for sure I will not in the future but I’m fully aware of the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I am now. I’m from a middle class family in the capital of Sri Lanka and my father was the sole bread winner in our house for 22 years of my life. I have a younger brother and all four of us were very close to each other. We have two new additions to our family altogether all six of us continues to be one big happy family. I now live in London with my husband pursuing my research studies and suddely after two years I started missing them a lot.

When I was small my education was one big dream of my father. It was never my dream, in fact I don’t remember having a dream of my own, I was a child who could have easily got detracted and wasted. But for my luck my father knew what was best for me and he believed that his only daughter has the full capacity and ability to follow his dreams and reach to the top. I have reached where he wanted me and beyond. I’m extremely happy and pleased where I am now and it makes me happier to know my father loves it more than I do.

Everyday after a very busy and hectic work days and no matter how late he goes to bed, he used to keep his alarm at 4 am and wake just to wake me up, make me a cup of tea and give me a good start to study. He enjoyed coming to all my parent’s day meetings and I never ever remember a day he missed it throughout my 13 long years of schooling.  He used to cut newspaper articles, journal articles which he thought great and bring them home for me to read. He made me practice my religion, made me believe in me, made me unconditionally love all around us; in fact made everything I am now and will be in the future.

I became a Lawyer, became a Graduate specialised in Commerce then went on to become a Postgraduate specialised in Business Administration and now I am looking to reach the next level.  I have plans to do many more which will definitely make my father impressed and worth all of his hard work. Everything I did and everything I will do is dedicated to you. You are my life, my driving force and everything I own. I love you love you and love you so much.

Thank you so much dada boy for being the greatest. May god always bless me to be your daughter in every birth I take.

I wish you great health, happiness and I’m eagerly awaiting your visit in May. I’m excited as now it’s my turn to return you the love you poured in to me.

your loving daughter

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what a wonderful day it is….

Fridays make me work more than other days of the week. I simple love the spirits people around me carry on Fridays. For me positive spirits of the people around me counts for a certain extent for my day to be productive and joyful.

New plans for a fruitful weekend at the end a perfect new beginning of a fresh week oh, i simple love the ideas going around worker’s brain.

Wish for everyone hyped up on a Friday all the very best and hope you have a wonderful Friday.

Love to all the lovely people around…

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I’m Posting every week in 2011!

 I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The Weekly Post, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.



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